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Sabha Khola A- Hydroelectric Project

The Group has entered into a Development Agreement with Dip Sabha Hydropower Pvt Ltd (DSH) for the development and construction of the 10 MW A$26.5 million Sabha Khola ?A? Hydroelectric Project.  The Project is located on the Sabha Khola in Dhupu-Khadbari, Sankhuwasabha District, Nepal.

The project, through the designated licence holder is to have certainty of tenure secured by operating licenses and concessions for 30 years issued by the Ministry of Energy, Nepal through the Nepalese Energy Authority (NEA) and the Department of Electricity Development, including any approvals by the Department of Industries and other appropriate authorities.

Construction of the hydroelectric facility maybe done in part or whole by the Group at our discretion through our chosen contactor.  The project is scheduled to start in April 2018.  The project should take approximately 3 years to construct.

Mackay – Paget Solar Project

The project was identified by the State-owned Energy Queensland, given the level of industrial growth in the Mackay area, and the near capacity load on the Energy Queensland South Mackay sub-station.  The site was identified as a potential supplement to the daytime peak load capacity.

A technical feasibility report confirmed the site as both technically and commercially viable.  A development application was approved by the Mackay Regional Council (MRC). Energy Queensland identified three 6.2MW AC connection points, and as the proposed site will support 20MWp (DC), the output can be comfortably accommodated via the 18.6MW of AC connection.

Civil construction preparatory work has already commenced and subsequent to receipt of the Energy Queensland connection offer, construction of the generation application is expected to commence in January 2018.