What We Do

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Link Group is a renewable energy and electrical contractor with project fabrication capabilities based in Queensland.
EnPro is an international contractor with a focus on South-East Asia and the Pacific region.

PowerAsia Limited has two core business units

Our goal is to provide the highest possible return on a renewable energy investment.  We work hard to stay ahead of the ever changing technology curve. Our consultants are experts in the latest renewable energy advancements and technologies. This is essential to ensure we supply the most innovative and cost effective solutions on the market today.

The project portfolio includes a mix of “ready to commence” and “work in progress” projects. The strategic focus of the Group is on small to medium scale (up to 50MW) residential, fringe of grid projects that link into the existing grid infrastructure. The Group will develop in-house projects and sell some projects that do not meet our business objectives.  The Group has strong relationships with engineering companies, tier 1 OEM’s and utilities to originate, assess, develop and operate the projects.

Project Design

We focussed on a standard PV solar array in order to deliver proven and consistent power over a project life of up to 30 years. The design of each project shares the following characteristics:

  • They are designed to interconnect with existing transmission infrastructure to save significant engineering, construction cost, project development risk and project delivery timeframes.
  • They are modular in design to reduce project management and construction costs.
  • They operate on a single axis tracking system to maximise the solar irradiation capture.
  • All project inputs are of tier 1 quality.
  • The modular design provides us with significantly greater buying power across all of the project inputs as we can enter into long term purchase agreements with the OEM’s for known quantities.
  • Subject to Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) negotiations, the majority of the projects have battery storage capacity to enable the retailer to deliver power to the grid during the peak power pricing period (generally 4-8pm). This enables API to negotiate higher PPA prices.
  • The battery storage also allows the project to operate on a larger scale in comparison to the substation / line capacity as power can be stored and distributed over time.

Project Development

  • Focus on small to medium utility scale power projects forup to 50MW as residential and fringe of grid and micro-grid projects.
  • Work closely with the distribution utilities to support their fringe of grid network and garner access to under-utilised substation and line capacity.
  • Leverage strong in-house project development management and finance expertise.
  • Leverage strong relationships with Engineering Procurement Construction (“EPC”) contractors and OEM’s to deliver cost efficient high quality larger scale projects.
  • Access the significant renewable power development markets across Asia Pacific.

Linked Energy (Linked) is a leading provider of electrical, solar, fabrication, mechanical and ancillary services to the mining, resources, construction, agricultural and government sectors.

Linked is based in Mackay and works in the Mackay Region and Bowen Basin. Linked has also completed projects for clients in South Australia, Victoria, Darwin, Surat Basin, Galilee Basin, Gladstone and South East Queensland.

Clients include leading blue-chip listed public companies, national transportation and rail companies and two of the largest food producers in Australia, as well as small to medium business in all industries.

Linked has also designed and manufactured remote monitoring and communication skids for various applications. The business provides a one-stop-shop from investigation, conception and design, through to construction and ongoing maintenance. Linked tailors outcomes for clients that will enhance safety, financial and environmental results.

Services provided by Linked include:

  • Trade and Operational labour hire
  • Steel fabrication
  • Fibre optic cable installation and repairs
  • Commercial solar solutions
  • Mechanical and electrical infra-red audits
  • Energy and efficiency audits
  • Preparation for project development involving waste to energy, Bio Mass and MW solar plants

Linked has extensive experience designing and installing solar systems for commercial operations through-out Queensland.  Linked are involved in a number of renewable projects involving Bio Mass and Waste to energy, all projects are multi MW, viable processes and proven technology.

EnPro Limited is a Hong Kong subsidary of PowerAsia Limited.  Through our Alliance Partners, PowerChina, MaSteel and Ansteel we have a first-class capacity of scientific and technological innovation in hydropower, solar, thermal power, and power transmission and transformation.  Through them we can provide a comprehensive and full-range of services from planning, investigation, designing, consulting, civil works construction in power and infrastructure.

Our expertise in a wide range of building and engineering disciplines enables us to think outside the box and to implement innovative solutions that ensure the successful and timely delivery of even the most complex of projects.

EnPro’s business delivers project management, asset management, engineering, construction services to the public and private sectors throughout Asia. EnPro encourages a proactive culture of safety through adoption of international safety and risk management standards and through continuous risk assessment and safety audits.

EnPro Limited is a Hong Kong subsidiary of PowerAsia Limited.

EnPro’s expertise spans key areas of project management including, hydro, thermal and solar power.   EnPro has established extensive experience across various infrastructure projects.  We have:

  • Operational headquarters in Hong Kong, with regional representative offices in Nepal, Philippines and China.
  • Highly experienced and capable senior management team with a strong infrastructure and structured finance backgrounds (ranging from 10 to 40 years in the industry)
  • Well positioned to capitalise on the growing and increasingly sophisticated SE and Central Asian renewable energy sector
  •  EnPro’s management enjoys good relationships with some of the largest SOE in SE Asia